Nowadays, Mobile Development is not just trending carrier companies are investing in this profile and hiring a huge amount of mobile developers!

First of all, you need to know what actually you want? what is your aim to learn mobile development? As per my perspective, these are some targets that are familiar in all beginners:

  • To get a fulltime job
  • To build your applications
  • To gain knowledge of new technologies

You should…

Well, I think that you all know about the Importance of programming in today’s world! Let us see prerequisites of how to start learning programming languages in 2020?

There is no need to clarify that to learn programming languages we need CS background, you can learn it from your own also but studying in the CS branch is beneficial. All you need is strong Determination and Consistency for your goal.

Before starting to learn any programming language first…

Vaibhav Kadam

FullStack Android Developer | Mobile Development Enthusiast | Struggling CS Student | Thoughts and Experience from student’s Perspective

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